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Leslie Berry
Petiska Editor

Budgie yawning [Why does my budgie yawn?]

Budgies yawn (opening and closing the mouth/beak) repeatedly for many reasons. It would be good to know the all yawning reasons before any decision.

Budgies yawn because of many reasons such as itchy throat, mimicry, sleepiness, preening, tiredness, anxiety, happiness, illness, infections, regurgitating, crop adjustments and cleanings, as a defense mechanism, exercising, etc.

Itching throat

Budgies may yawn because of an itchy throat. Budgies eat seeds, vegetables, fruits, etc. daily basis. However, food in the modern world contains harmful substances that irritate the throats of budgies. As a result, a budgie may yawn to relieve his throat.

Mimicry (Is yawning contagious?)

Budgies mimic/imitate the behaviors of their relatives and mates to create and improve bonding. Besides, being different creatures doesnโ€™t prevent budgies from mimicking. Budgies try to mimic beings such as humans, cats, and dogs.

Budgies mimic human behaviors such as talking and speaking in captivity. Of course, we all know budgies mimic the sounds that they hear. Besides, budgies also try to mimic human mouth movements by yawning.


Budgies yawn a lot before sleeping. The causes of yawning are similar to those in humans.

Budgies yawn before sleep because of multiple reasons such as sleepiness, to increase the oxygen level inside the body for relaxation.


Budgies yawn while preening, many times. Preening is a daily basis and long process that budgies like to do. Mostly, budgies need to relax their beak muscles while and after a long preening session.

Budgies may also yawn for crop adjustments. During the preening, the crop organ or food inside the crop organ may bother the budgie slightly. Budgies try to relax the crop organ by yawning behavior.

Tiredness & drowsiness

Budgies yawn before taking a nap because of tiredness during the day, many times.

In addition, budgies stay motionless for many reasons, such as staying in the shade to protect themselves from rain and the scorching sun. For this reason, they yawn to get rid themselves of drowsiness.


Budgies are social creatures. Social difficulties, social threats, and stress in relationships increase anxiety in budgies. Budgies often yawn to express anxiety and its symptoms.


Yawning behavior in budgies is one of the happiness expressing behaviors. Besides, many budgies move their heads while yawning because of feeling happy.

Budgies begin to yawn when people make positive gestures, such as scratching their heads. Budgies also yawn when other budgies make positive moves to show their love. As a result, budgies may yawn when exposed to positive behavior.

Something is stuck (obstruction)

Budgies yawn if something is stuck in their throat or respiration systems. This behavior is a necessary behavior to get rid of the object that is stuck in the system.

Keep in mind that budgies yawn at frequent intervals during throat obstructions. Budgie owners should keep eye on it and take immediate action in case of throat obstructions to save the budgie.

Respiratory illnesses (problems)

Budgies may yawn to relax and relieve themselves while suffering from many respiratory illnesses and problems. The most common respiratory problems can be listed as throat or sinus infections, allergies, and psittacosis.

Throat or sinus infections

Budgies yawn because of throat or sinus infections such as yeast infection, candidiasis, pasteurella, and psittacosis.

Budgies yawn repeatedly to relax the respiratory system for easy breathing during infections and diseases. Besides, as the disease or infection progresses, the frequency of yawning will increase.

Budgie owners should check to see if an infection is the reason why their budgies are yawning.


Budgie looks like they are yawning while regurgitation. Regurgitation is normal behavior that is performed while feeding the baby budgies and giving food to the mate.

Crop adjustment, clearing, and moving food into the crop

Budgies yawn while crop adjustment, clearing, and moving food that is inside the crop most of the time. Budgies may adjust their crop at approximately 10 to 15 minutes intervals when necessary.

Yawning helps budgies while crop operations is totally normal behavior.


Budgerigars may yawn to cool down on rare occasions when there is no water or shade to help them cool down. The yawning behavior helps them to control their brain and body temperature by evacuating the heat quickly.

Defense mechanism

Budgies often perform yawning behavior when they want to scare their opponents while or before the fight.

Exercise (stretching muscles)

Budgies often yawn while theyโ€™re stretching their muscles.

During the day, budgies stay inactive because of many reasons such as sleeping, resting, and illness. Eventually, budgies need to move and stretch their muscles. Budgies stretch beak muscles, by yawning.

Bringing in more oxygen

Yawning for more oxygen is the most common behavior in yawning reasons. The yawning for more oxygen continues until enough oxygen is obtained.

Is it normal for a budgie to yawn?

Yes, yawning is normal and common behavior. Besides, budgies yawn because of many reasons including itchy throat, mimicry, sleepiness, preening, tiredness, anxiety, happiness, illness, infections, regurgitating, crop adjustments and cleanings, as a defense mechanism, exercising, etc.

Why does my parakeet yawn when I talk to him?

As we know, budgies can mimic human sounds. Besides, budgies try to mimic human gestures. Budgies try to mimic the mouth movements by yawning while the budgie owner talks to them. This behavior is a sign of good budgie-human bonding and shows that the budgie likes the person talking to it.

Is yawning a sign of stress in budgies?

Yes, yawning is one of the signs of stress. Budgies can become stressed for many reasons. Especially budgies get stressed for social reasons, and they yawn to overcome them.

Why is my budgie yawning a lot?

Budgies yawn a lot when more than one reason happens at the same time: itchy throat, mimicry, sleepiness, preening, tiredness, anxiety, happiness, illness, infections, regurgitating, crop adjustments and cleanings, as a defense mechanism, exercising.

Yawning budgie video

A budgie yawning because of crop adjustment and food relocating video.