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Leslie Berry
Petiska Editor

Can budgies get along with hamsters?

Humans live in their homes with many pets such as budgies and hamsters. They both are significantly popular pets recently. So, do we know if they can live together without any problems?

Budgerigars can get along with hamsters. Typically, small mammals such as hamsters are not a threat to budgies. Both can live in the same human-controlled areas without any problems. But, problems can arise when both can reach the other’s habitats, such as cages. Eventually, conflicts over territory and food are possible.

Kept in mind that, budgies can more harm to hamsters than hamsters can harm budgies in case of a fight.

Budgies originated from Australia while hamsters originated from Syria, Greece, Romania, and Belgium. Both live in different habitats.

Budgies love near the water sources, savannas, grasslands, and open forests. On the other hand, hamsters like to live in warm and dry areas such as steppes, dunes, and edges of deserts.

Hamster and budgie also have different classifications. Budgies belong to the Psittacidae family in birds class, while hamsters belong to the Cricetidae family in mammals class.

The lifespan of budgies is at least three times longer than hamsters. Meanwhile, this feature makes budgies more popular among people.

Although they like to live in different habitats, they almost eat the same type of food.

We have said that they live in different habitats. Even so, they have almost the same diet. Both species eat seeds, grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

Budgies vs hamsters

Lifespan7-15 years2-3 years
DietSeeds, fruits, berries, and vegetables.Seeds, grains, nuts, cracked corn, fruits, and vegetables.
HabitatSavannas, grasslands, open forests, grassy woodlands, near water sources, and farmland.Warm, dry areas, like steppes, dunes, and the edges of deserts
Social StructureFlocksCan be solitary or in small groups
Budgies vs. hamsters comparisons table

Can I have budgies and hamsters in the same room?

Yes, budgies and hamsters can live in the same room. But, it would be good to prevent them to reach each other living area. Especially, if one of them has babies.

Remember that an animal can harm other animals for an unknown reason.

So, keep eye on them, if they can reach each other for the first time. Besides, keep in mind that budgies can quickly reach the hamsters.

If you are not sure what can happen, it would be good to keep one of them in the cage while the other is free to explore the environment.

Do budgies and hamsters attack each other?

Yes, budgies and hamsters may attack each other. Generally, this conflict often arises over food and territory. It would be good to keep eye on them if there is aggressive behavior in any of them.

Keep the aggressive pet in the cage, if you want to free the other.

Budgies and hamsters are often quick at reaching anywhere in the same area. Besides, hamsters easily harm budgies, while budgies have strong enough beaks to harm hamsters.

Also, you must be more careful, if one of your pets has babies anywhere that your other pet can reach.

Do budgies eat hamsters?

In extreme starving conditions while in food shortages, budgies may eat hamsters. As we know, budgies eat bugs in nature. In other words, if a budgie is starving to death while there is a dead hamster body, the budgie will try to eat it.

Can budgies eat hamster food?

Yes, budgies eat hamster food. Budgies and hamsters eat the same foods such as seeds, vegetables, fruits, berries, and nuts.