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Do Budgies Have Ears? Where? [+PHOTO]

Do budgies have ears? Yes, budgies have ears that are located slightly below the eyes and at the level of the cere. Besides, they look like tiny holes on both the left and right sides of the head.

However, a budgie’s ears are often hidden due to the feathers covering the ears. You can see the budgie’s ears by hand or after a bath. In addition, the ears of the baby budgies are visible until they are 15 days old.

What Do Budgies Ears Look Like?

Budgies’ ears look like tiny tunnels, and they don’t have the visible portion of the external ear like humans. Their ears don’t have parts that human ears have, such as auricle.

Do Budgies Have Ears? [+PHOTO]
Budgie ears location photo (Source: Reddit)

Why Do Ears of Budgies Hidden?

Budgies’ ears are hidden for two reasons: First, the plumage that covers the exit area of the ears; secondly, the budgie’s ears do not have external parts like the auricle and helix like humans.

Do Budgies Have Good Hearing?

Yes, budgies have good hearing abilities. Besides, they take advantage of the good hearing quality while protecting from predators in nature.

Budgerigars are prey animals. Therefore, they need to be aware of any threats, including from predators in the wild.

A baby budgie begins to respond to the sounds like an adult budgie when it reached 3-week-old.

Study: Development of auditory sensitivity in budgerigars

In the study, the scientists studied baby budgies’ hearing abilities and development from hatchling to time when leaving the nest.

Baby budgies are born almost deaf. However, when they are 1 week old, they start to react to sounds. The main development of the budgie’s hearing ability occurs between the second and third weeks.

The baby budgie begins to hear like an adult budgie just before leaving the nest.

Do Budgies Like Music and TV Sounds?

Budgies like music and TV sound very much. Besides, they bop along with the music, TV sound, and environmentally sound. Additionally, they will react to the songs you sing and the beats you hold.

Like budgies, other parrot family members also love to dance to music.

Do Budgies Like Loud Noises?

No, budgies don’t like loud noises. Budgies have very sensitive ears, which keep them alive in nature. But, if the volume gets too loud, they can’t handle it and try to get away from the sound.

Like many other animals, including humans, they will be irritated by loud music and TV sound.

How Noise Affects Your Budgie

Budgies have sensitive ears that noise affects easily. A sudden noise makes them scared. Besides, a constant noise gives them stress continuously. High-stress levels cause many problems in budgies, including early molting, excessive biting, and aggressiveness.

Can a Budgie Be Deaf?

Yes, a budgie can be deaf. Budgies can be deaf from birth or can go deaf because of many reasons such as loud sounds, trauma, hitting the wall when flying, etc.

Hitting a wall is one of the most common causes of deafness. Besides, many budgie owners put budgie cages near the TV, which can cause hearing problems in their budgies.

Surviving as a Prey Animal With A Good Quality Hearing

Budgies are prey animals, and hearing is one of the most important abilities when it comes to surviving.

Budgerigars live in flocks. They help each other to survive. In case of any danger, they determine the direction according to each other’s movements and the sounds they make. So, one more time, the hearing ability is crucial in surviving game.

In addition, budgerigars must listen to environmental threats at night to survive.

Do Budgies Hear Better Than Humans?

No, budgies don’t hear better than humans. Humans hear better at low frequencies and much better at high frequencies than budgies. A 10 kHz pure tone must be at a level of about 20 dB SPL to be heard by humans, and almost 100 dB SPL to be heard by budgerigars.

What Is Budgies Hearing Frequency?

Budgies hearing frequency is 60-dB which extends from 77 Hz to 7.6 kHz, a range of 6.6 octaves. Besides, budgies can hear above 10 kHz.