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Leslie Berry
Petiska Editor

Do Budgies Like Watching TV? [Good & Bad Sides of TVs]

Budgies like watching TV most of the time. They like to watch and listen to their natural habitat, and entertaining music videos on TV. But, keep in mind that it matters what they are watching or listening to. Of course, they scare if they see a predator on TV or hear a predator sound.

Budgies are highly social creatures. Besides, humans and other pets are their natural flock members for budgies in captivity. They like to watch and listen to TV with their flock rather than being alone.

What Do Budgies Like to Watch?

Budgies like to watch and listen to their natural habitats most of the time. They live in flocks in nature. Besides, they are constantly migrating. So, they feel better when there is a nature documentary with natural sounds and images on TV.

In addition, they like it more if there is a budgie documentary.

In captivity, budgies can also act differently. Many budgies that have established strong bonds with their owners respond to all kinds of sounds and images on TV. So, they will dance with video clip music to gain the owner’s attention or just for having fun.

Here are some good TV shows or video contents for your budgie:

  • Nature documentaries that have no images or sounds of budgie predators.
  • Videos of other budgies and other similar bird species.

How Can You Tell if Your Budgie Enjoys Watching Television?

Budgies are social creatures and show their emotions with their body language and singing.

So, you can understand if your budgie enjoys watching TV followings:

  • They pin their eyes on the TV.
  • They are singing, talking, or whistling while TV is on.
  • Likewise, they react to TV sounds and images by hopping, running, and flapping their wings, and tails.
  • Sometimes budgies relax after a short period of TV watching. That shows your budgie like to watch TV. But, keep in mind that, this behavior may be caused by anxiety caused by being alone.

What Are the Benefits of Watching TV for Budgies?

Budgies are extremely social pets. Besides, they live in flocks, and they learn from each other all the time.

Budgies don’t like to be alone. They may also gain anxiety caused by loneliness. Watching and listening to TV help budgies feel not alone and remove anxiety. This is the most important benefit of TV for budgies.

Budgies can also learn from TV by watching it many times. Study shows that birds can learn by watching videos with social learning.

Should I Leave the TV on for My Budgie While I’m Gone?

All living beings at home are your budgie’s flock. Your budgie gets scared when he is away from the flock or when you leave him alone. So, in this situation, leaving the TV on can help your budgie feel not alone in the first place.

But, keep in mind that, eventually, your budgie will look for you. If you have a strong bond with your budgie, he will look for you very soon, even if the TV is on.

In addition, it would be more appropriate to open a nature documentary on television without a bird of prey while you’re gone.

Can Budgies See TV Screens and Different Colors on TVs?

Budgies can see TV screens and different colors on TVs. But, keep in mind that they have a different eye structure and eye vision than humans. For example, budgies can perceive UV rays, while humans cannot.

In addition, we don’t have any data or study yet that shows budgies can’t see TV screens.

Should Your Budgie Watch TV to Avoid Loneliness?

Yes, budgies avoid loneliness by watching and listening to TV. But, if your budgie is single, eventually he will begin to look for you even if the TV is on.

Your budgie bonds with you and needs to interact with you many times throughout the day. Therefore, TV Television cannot eliminate this need.

Should You Force A Budgie To Watch TV?

No, you shouldn’t force your budgies to watch TV. Although there are budgies that love watching and listening to TV, there are also budgies that do not. This can cause by many reasons. So, it would be good to know your budgies loves or don’t like TV.

Do Budgies Like High Volume Tv Noise?

Budgies don’t like TV noises like other many species. Besides, budgies can get stressed out by TV noise.

Budgies love chirping loudly to make their voices heard throughout the day. Therefore, TV noise becomes a contender and the budgies try to chirp louder to be heard. This can cause excessive stress.