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Feather duster budgies [Budgie mops, Lifespan, Care, Images]

Feather duster budgies are also called “Budgerigar mops“.

A feather duster budgie has a genetic disorder that creates a special condition (a.k.a. chrysanthemum feathering) that budgies look like a feather duster.

Feather duster budgies’ feathers don’t stop growing, and the feathers don’t have barbs and barbules which for the feather’s structure to interlock.

The absence of barbs and barbules makes feather duster budgies’ feathers appear curly.

Feather duster chicks are often rejected by the mother budgies. Rejected feather duster chicks need human help to stay alive.

The feather duster budgies’ characteristics can be listed as follows:

  1. Excessively long feathers,
  2. Feathers don’t stop growing,
  3. A feather duster budgie’s body needs more nutrients than normal budgies due to non-stop feather growth,
  4. Feathers don’t have barbs and barbules,
  5. All feathers are deformed, fluffy, and curly,
  6. They are smaller than normal budgies,
  7. Most of them have microphthalmia which is a developmental disorder of the eyes,
  8. Usually, they lack vitality,
  9. They usually have unusual vocalizations,
  10. Long, curly feathers often obstruct vision,
  11. Most feather budgies are euthanized by breeders or killed by the mother budgie in the nest.

What is feather duster syndrome?

Feather duster syndrome is a syndrome caused by a genetic disorder that removes feather barbs and barbules and gives excessive feather, beak, and nails growth in birds.

According to some experts, the feather duster gene is recessive, and a feather duster chick has two feather duster genes that come from both parents.

Can feather duster budgies fly?

Feather duster budgies can’t fly, that caused by excessive feather growth.

Non-stop feather growth makes the budgie’s overall weight is not suitable for flying.

Lack of barbs and barbules of feathers prevents from budgie creating enough air friction if they try to fly.

How did feather duster budgies appear?

Feather duster budgies have appeared because of a random genetic mutation in the past that occurred randomly.

Can feather duster budgies reproduce?

Yes, feather duster budgies can reproduce.

Budgie parents and other budgies often reject the feather duster budgies. This situation reduces the chance of reproduction of feather duster budgies.

The feather duster syndrome prevents staying alive without human help.

Feather duster budgie care

Feather duster budgies need human touch to survive and live normally.

Can you cut a feather duster budgies feathers?

Yes, feather duster budgies’ feathers can be cut for better mobility and health concerns.

Feather duster budgie breeders must cut the overgrown feathers continuously. Overgrown feathers reduce the life quality of the budgie.

Can feather dusters be washed?

Feather duster budgie may be washed like other budgies. Washing and bathing are more important if the budgie’s feathers aren’t being cut continuously.

How long do feather duster budgies live?

Feather duster budgie lives 8-15 years like other budgies. However, they need human help throughout their lives. Without human help, feather duster budgies can’t live more than 4-5 weeks.

Without human help, feather duster budgies die before they reach adulthood.

Feather duster budgies that are rejected by parents die before they come out of the nest.

Feather duster budgie images & videos

Feather duster budgies [Budgie mops]
This is Merlin. A female feather duster budgie. Merlin passed away, R.I.P. Merlin. (Image source:
Feather duster budgies [Budgie mops]
This is Ferdinand. He’s a GF violet cobalt feather duster budgie. (Image source:
A sky-blue feather duster budgie video.
Whipper, the mutant budgie from New Zealand.