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Leslie Berry
Petiska Editor

New Budgie’s First Days at Home & Behavior [What to Do?]

Budgies are prey animals. They behave differently than cats or dogs, which are predators when they are taken to a new and unknown place.

Budgies get used to places as well as people. Even though your budgie is used to you, he may act like a stranger for a while when you move him to a new place.

Budgie’s First Days & Behavior

Budgies often fear everything when placed in a new and unknown environment. In addition, this fear persists even if the budgerigar recognizes and trusts its owner.

A new budgie stays in silence in a new home or environment for a while until he is sure it’s a safe place.

Why Is My New Budgie Not Eating and Drinking Water?

New budgies don’t eat or drink until they feel safe in their new home or environment. Besides, keep in mind that this behavior is completely normal.

The time it takes for birds to start eating or drinking also depends on many factors.

If you know your budgie is not sick, you should give him some time.

How Long Does It Take for a New Budgie to Start Eating or Drinking Water?

New budgies start eating or drinking within 3 to 6 days. This period also depends on how you treat him. Therefore, if you let him calm down for a few days and make him feel safe, he will soon start eating or drinking.

Why Is My New Budgie Not Sleeping?

Budgies are prey animals. Therefore, they need a safe place to sleep away from predators. New budgie will try not to sleep until he feels safe in his new home or environment.

How Long Does It Take for Budgies to Get Used to a New Home?

It usually takes 3 to 10 days for the budgie to get used to its new home. But, this period varies according to many factors, such as how old she is, are there other budgies or pets, and how you treat her.

When Will My New Budgie Start Chirping?

A new budgie will start chirping in about 5 to 10 days. But, you should create an environment that feeling your budgies in safe. You should also avoid unnecessary movements such as touching her while giving her food and water during this period and be gentle.

Budgies Meeting for the First Time

When you bring your budgie to a home where there are other budgies, you must be prepared for any kind of behavior. Host budgies may accept new budgies, but vice versa.

You should keep the new budgie in its cage, when you take the host budgies out of their cages. Let the host budgies inspect the new budgie and accept the new budgie.

However, on rare occasions, the host budgie or budgies will not accept the new budgerigar for a long time or will never accept it. Unfortunately, in this type of situation, you may have to move the new budgie out of the house.

What Do You Do When You First Bring a New Budgie Home?

When you bring home a new budgie, there are things you need to do to make your budgie feel safe and comfortable.

Here’s what you need to do about the first 10 days:

  • You or those living in the home should avoid loud talking and sudden movements for at least 10 days.
  • Put budgie’s cage at eye level or as high as possible in the room. This helps the budgie feel safer.
  • Do not try to touch the budgie. It will extend the period of time the budgie gets used to you.
  • Do not give any kind of toy to your budgie.
  • You should interact with your budgie and its cage when you give her food and water.
  • Often speak in a low and soft voice.
  • If there are other budgies, you should keep the new budgie in its cage when other budgies out of their cages.

Seeds, Vegetables, Fruits, and Water

When you bring a new budgie to your home, you must feed the budgie with a proper diet. Proper nutrition will help your budgie get used to you by reducing the stress.

Do Not Hurry!

One of the most important things when bringing a new budgie is not to hurry. Keep giving food and water while speaking in a low and soft voice.

Besides, speak from a distance several times during the day in a low, soft voice. This will make the new budgie feel safe and will help the budgie get used to you.

Why Is My New Budgie Not Moving?

New budgies may not move and just sits in the same place for the first 5-10 days out of fear and may experience the difficulties of being in an unfamiliar environment. This is normal behavior, and budgerigar owners should give new budgies time to get used to their new environment.