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What Do Budgies Like To Play With? All Budgie Toys Explained!

Budgies are fond of interactive toys that challenge them mentally and physically.

These include swings, ladders, puzzle toys, bells, chimes and mirrors which keep them physically active and mentally stimulated.

They also enjoy foraging toys that mimic their natural instinct to search for food.

What Do Budgies Like To Play With? All Budgie Toys Explained!

Given my experience on their behaviors, I decided to create a list of toys budgies tend to enjoy.

This content is a result of careful planning and is intended for budgie owners and enthusiasts, or those considering getting a budgie, to help them provide a stimulating environment for their birds.


Swings are a crucial part of a budgie’s environment, providing them with both physical activity and mental stimulation.

What Do Budgies Like To Play With? All Budgie Toys Explained!
A budgie bird swing

They love the motion and the challenge of staying balanced, honing their motor skills in the process.

There are different types of swings available, catering to your budgie’s distinct likes and needs.

One type to consider is the wooden swing with ropes.

The natural texture of wood gives the budgie a comfortable grip, closely resembling the tree branches they would perch on in the wild.

Furthermore, the attached ropes provide an added element of fun, allowing your budgie to climb and swing simultaneously.

Another popular choice is the rope perch swing.

This type of swing offers a softer landing for your budgie, with the flexibility of the ropes allowing for more pronounced swinging motion.

Paper-Based, Shreddable Toys

Budgies have a natural instinct to chew and shred things, a behavior derived from their wild counterparts who strip bark and leaves from trees.

What Do Budgies Like To Play With? All Budgie Toys Explained!
A paper based toy for birds like budgies

Therefore, paper-based, shreddable toys are a big hit among these birds, fulfilling their need to chew and providing endless hours of entertainment.

A classic option includes paper rolls.

These are simple, yet highly engaging for budgies.

You could use rolls from toilet paper or kitchen paper, just ensure they are clean and ink-free before giving them to your bird.

Your budgie will enjoy rolling them around, tearing them apart, and even playing hide and seek with them.

Another fun idea is crumpled paper balls.

These can be tossed around the cage, and your budgie will enjoy the task of uncrumpling them.

Ensure the paper used is safe and non-toxic, as your budgie might ingest small fragments during play.

Organic chewable woods and pinatas are also great options.

They are typically made from bird-safe, untreated wood or cardboard, filled with treats that spill out as your budgie shreds them.

This not only keeps your bird busy but also satisfies their foraging instinct.

Perches And Ladders

Perches and ladders play a significant role in a budgie’s cage setup.

What Do Budgies Like To Play With? All Budgie Toys Explained!
A budgie ladder

Budgies love to climb, and providing them with these items can keep them active, aiding in their overall well-being.

Natural branch perches are a preferred choice, as they closely mimic a budgie’s natural habitat.

These perches are usually made from non-toxic trees and come in various diameters, promoting better foot health for your bird.

The rough texture helps keep your budgie’s nails trim and offers a comfortable grip.

Ladder toys with wooden rungs are another popular option, adding a fun climbing dimension to your budgie’s cage.

They promote exercise and help your budgie navigate their cage with ease.

Ensure the ladder is securely fastened within the cage to prevent any mishaps.

Chew Toys

Chew toys play a vital role in the life of budgies, catering to their natural instinct to chew and peck.

What Do Budgies Like To Play With? All Budgie Toys Explained!
A budgie chew toy

These toys can prevent boredom, promote good beak health, and satisfy the budgie’s curiosity.

One popular choice for chew toys is bird-safe wooden blocks.

These blocks are usually made from untreated, non-toxic wood that’s safe for your budgie to gnaw on.

You can find these in various shapes and sizes, some even brightly colored to attract your budgie’s attention.

It’s important to regularly check these blocks for sharp edges that can harm your budgie’s beak or mouth.

Wicker balls are another favorite among budgies.

These balls, made from safe, untreated materials, provide an exciting challenge for budgies as they can peck at it, roll it around, or toss it in the air.

Additionally, some wicker balls are designed with spaces to hide treats, adding an element of foraging to the fun.


Budgies are intelligent and curious birds, and bells can provide a source of fascination and entertainment for them.

What Do Budgies Like To Play With? All Budgie Toys Explained!
A budgie that likes its bell toy

The sound of the bell can stimulate their auditory senses, and the challenge of making the bell ring can keep them engaged.

A common choice is small bells with hooks.

These can be hung from the top of the cage, and your budgie can peck at the bell to make it ring.

The reflection on the bell’s surface can also captivate your budgie’s attention.

Another variety is bell toys with colorful beads.

These toys usually combine a bell with beads or other small, safe elements on a string.

The combination of color, movement, and sound can provide your budgie with plenty of stimulation.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are fantastic enrichment tools for budgies.

What Do Budgies Like To Play With? All Budgie Toys Explained!
Various budgie puzzle toys

These intelligent birds enjoy challenges and mental stimulation, making puzzle toys an essential part of their playtime.

Sliding puzzle toys are a popular choice.

These toys often consist of small blocks or disks that your budgie can move around a track using its beak.

As they learn to manipulate the pieces to achieve a desired result, such as releasing a treat, they get both mental and physical exercise.

Another type of puzzle toy involves sorting shapes or colors.

These toys usually come with different colored blocks or beads that budgies can arrange in specific orders or places.

These exercises help improve the budgie’s problem-solving skills and provide a satisfying challenge.


Many budgies enjoy mirrors as part of their cage environment.

What Do Budgies Like To Play With? All Budgie Toys Explained!
Budgie and its budgie mirror toy

These reflective surfaces can provide a sense of companionship and can be a source of intrigue and entertainment.

Hanging mirror toys are a common choice for budgies.

These usually have a bell or other attractive element attached, and budgies can enjoy pecking at their reflection and the bell simultaneously.

Another option is a mirror with a perch.

These mirrors are usually larger and allow the budgie to interact with their reflection more closely.

Some even come with ladders or other play elements attached for added enrichment.

While mirrors can be a fun addition to your budgie’s environment, it’s important to monitor their interaction with them.

Some budgies can become obsessed with their reflections, leading to antisocial behavior or neglect of other activities.

If this happens, it may be best to remove or limit access to the mirror.

Foraging Toys

Foraging toys mimic the natural behavior of budgies in the wild.

They encourage budgies to work for their food, providing both mental and physical exercise.

One popular type of foraging toy is a food ball.

This hollow ball can be filled with treats or food, and budgies must work out how to retrieve the food from inside.

Some designs have adjustable openings so you can change the difficulty level as your budgie becomes more adept.

Another option is foraging boxes or drawers.

These usually have multiple compartments where you can hide treats.

Budgies must then figure out how to open the compartments to access the food.

Ball Toys

Ball toys offer an exciting playtime experience for budgies.

They stimulate the bird’s curiosity and help to engage their instinct to forage and explore.

One popular variant is rolling ball toys.

They are typically lightweight and designed to be nudged or pecked at, stimulating movement that piques a budgie’s curiosity.

Some ball toys may include a bell or other noise-making element inside, which adds auditory stimulation to the play experience.

Hanging ball toys are another common option.

These may be constructed of wicker, plastic, or metal and often feature other elements like bells, beads, or rope for added interest.

The suspended nature of these toys encourages budgies to climb, improving their balance and coordination.


Chimes serve a dual purpose as both a toy and a cage decoration for budgies.

These musical elements can provide auditory stimulation and improve a bird’s overall well-being.

Hanging chimes are commonly used in bird cages.

Made from metal, wood, or glass, they produce pleasing sounds when pecked or nudged by the bird.

This engages the bird’s sense of hearing and provides a form of entertainment that can help to reduce stress.

Bird Playgrounds

Bird playgrounds are larger play structures designed to provide a range of stimulation and exercise opportunities for budgies.

What Do Budgies Like To Play With? All Budgie Toys Explained!
A bird playground for budgies

They typically include a variety of perches, ladders, swings, and other play elements to create a comprehensive play environment.

Tabletop bird playgrounds are designed to sit outside the cage, providing a safe and stimulating environment for out-of-cage playtime.

They often feature multiple levels and a variety of textures, encouraging climbing, hopping, and exploration.

Hanging bird playgrounds can be suspended inside or outside the cage.

These often include elements like ropes, bells, or mirrors, encouraging budgies to climb, swing, and interact with the different parts of the playground.

Plush Toys

Though not as common as other bird toys, plush toys can provide comfort and companionship for some budgies.

They can be particularly helpful for single birds that may feel lonely.

Plush bird toys typically come in the shape of small birds or animals.

They can provide a soft, cuddly surface that some budgies may enjoy snuggling against.

They can also be a source of intrigue and can stimulate gentle pecking or preening behavior.


What Are The Functions That Must Be Provided In The Budgie Cage With Toys And Items?

The main functions that should be provided in a budgie cage with toys and items are physical stimulation, mental engagement, comfort, and safety.

Physical Stimulation: Budgies are active birds that need plenty of exercise to stay healthy.

Toys like swings, ladders, and ball toys can help them move around, climb, and play.

Similarly, perches of varying diameters and materials can promote foot health and exercise.

Mental Engagement: Budgies are intelligent and curious, so they need mental stimulation as well.

Puzzle toys, foraging toys, and mirrors can keep them mentally engaged and prevent boredom, which can lead to negative behaviors like feather plucking.

Comfort: Items like plush toys, cozy corners, and nesting materials can provide comfort and security for your budgie.

It’s important to make their cage feel like a safe and comfortable home.

Safety: All toys and items in the cage should be safe for budgies.

Avoid toys with small parts that can be swallowed, or toys made from toxic materials.

Regularly inspect toys for wear and tear and replace them as necessary.

How Can I Make My Budgie’s Playtime More Enjoyable?

One way to enhance your budgie’s playtime is by offering a variety of toys that cater to their different needs and instincts.

Include interactive toys, such as puzzles and mirrors, to stimulate their intelligence.

Also, provide chewable toys for beak health, and swings or ladders for physical activity.

Which Materials are Safe for Budgie Toys?

Toys for budgies should be made of safe, non-toxic materials.

This includes natural wood, vegetable-tanned leather, stainless steel, and bird-safe plastic or rubber.

How Often Should I Introduce New Toys to My Budgie?

You should try to rotate your budgie’s toys every week or so.

This helps to keep their environment stimulating and prevents them from becoming bored.

However, if a budgie has a particular favorite toy, it’s fine to leave it in the cage continually.

It’s also advisable to introduce new toys gradually to not overwhelm your bird.

Why Does My Budgie Prefer Some Toys Over Others?

Budgies, like people, have individual preferences.

Some may enjoy toys that make noise, like bells or chimes, while others might prefer more interactive options like mirrors or puzzle toys.

Often, these preferences are linked to their natural behaviors – for example, a budgie that enjoys foraging toys is likely expressing its instinct to search for food.

Observing your budgie’s play habits can help you determine the types of toys they like best.

Can I Use Household Items as Toys for My Budgie?

Yes, some household items can be repurposed as budgie toys, but you must ensure they are safe and non-toxic.

For instance, budgies often enjoy playing with paper or cardboard, which can be shredded.

However, avoid anything with ink that could be harmful if ingested.

Always supervise your budgie when introducing a new item to ensure they interact with it safely.

What Bird Toys Should I Avoid for My Budgie?

When choosing toys for your budgie, it’s crucial to avoid any that pose a potential risk.

Steer clear of toys made from galvanized metal, as it often contains zinc, which is toxic to birds if ingested.

Toys with loose threads or strings can also be dangerous, as they can entangle your bird or its feet.

It’s also recommended to avoid brightly colored toys unless they are explicitly labeled as being colored with bird-safe dyes.

Are Mirrors Good Toys for Budgies?

Mirrors can be a double-edged sword in a budgie’s environment.

On one hand, budgies are social creatures and mirrors can give the illusion of companionship, which can be beneficial especially if the bird is kept alone.

Your budgie might enjoy interacting with the ‘other bird’ it sees in the mirror.

On the other hand, mirrors can cause issues such as obsession and aggression, as budgies might bond so strongly with their reflections that they neglect their human caregivers or other birds.

They might also become frustrated or aggressive when the ‘other bird’ doesn’t interact as expected.

Therefore, if you decide to use a mirror, monitor your budgie’s behavior closely and remove it if you notice any negative effects.