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Leslie Berry
Petiska Editor

Why did my budgie get fat?

There are different reasons in different categories that cause gaining fat in budgies.

Budgies can get fat because of inappropriate, unbalanced diets, excessive food, foods and seeds high in fat, overeating, lack of movement, diseases.

Inappropriate diet for the budgie

A proper budgerigar diet must contain approximately 10% protein, a maximum of 25% fruit, vegetables, and greens, an average of 65% seed feed, pellet feed, minimum of 1 teaspoon of water (about 5% of body weight) daily.

Budgie owners may use inappropriate diets for their budgies, especially inexperienced budgie owners.

If a budgie owner begins to change the percentages of foods in a proper diet, the budgie may begin to gain fat.

Unbalanced diet

Often, inexperienced budgie owners purchase budgie foods, which can cause an unbalanced diet from pet stores. Especially the budgie foods that only contain seeds.

Budgie owners want to give different kinds of foods to their budgies. Some foods contain more protein, fat, or carbohydrate than other foods.

For example, if an owner of a budgie gives the budgie cooked eggs every morning, the budgie can eat an excessive amount of protein, fat and can get fat.

For example, foods and seeds such as sunflower seeds that are too high in fats can cause quick fat gain in budgies.

Excessive food and overeating

Usually, budgies are not overeaters. But budgie owners continuously give different foods to their budgies sometime.

Continuous budgie feeding keeps budgieโ€™s attention on new and unknown foods. The budgerigar is constantly consuming calories as it tries to recognize new foods.

An excessive amount of new foods cause overeating in budgies.

Lack of exercise, play and movement

Budgies can get fat if their daily calorie intake is bigger than calorie burn.

If budgies donโ€™t move enough during the day, their bodies start to gain fat day by day.

A budgie must move enough to burn calories taken within the day.

But, budgies may have some health problems that cause staying still, such as joint and muscle pains.


Budgies can have diseases that cause gaining fat as a result.

Fatty liver disease can be both a result and cause of gaining fat in budgies. A wrong diet can cause fatty liver disease, and fatty liver disease speeds up the gaining of fat in budgies.

Joint and muscle pains prevent budgie from moving enough during the day. The budgie chooses to stay still to avoid pain. Lack of movement during the day causes calorie surplus as a result.

โ€œHas your budgie got overweight?โ€ Chart

Budgie breeds have different sizes and different average weights. Before deciding your budgies is overweight or not, you should understand what is normal, obese, or overweight.

Budgie breedAverage WeightObese/Over Weight
Normal (Australian Budgie)35 grams40+ grams
English Budgie55 grams65+ grams
Non-English Normal Budgie40 grams45+ grams