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Leslie Berry
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Budgie Flying: Speed, How Long & High Can Budgies Fly?

How fast can a budgie fly? Budgies fly at two different speeds in varying environments, on average 10 m/s (high speed) and 5 m/s (low speed.) Budgies typically fly at low speed while maneuvering and at high speed while cruising for migration.

In addition, budgies use high-speed flying while maneuvering to avoid predators in nature.

In the study, scientists made budgies fly in an increasingly narrow environment. Budgies tend to fly at slower speeds as the environment narrows.

Budgie Flying: Speed, How Long & High Can Budgies Fly?
Budgies fly at two different speeds in varying environments, on average 10 m/s (high speed) and 5 m/s (low speed.) (Source:

How Far Can a Budgie Fly in a Day?

Technically, budgies can fly about 268 miles (ca. 431 km) non-stop at their low speeds of 5 m/s and about 536 miles (ca. 863 km) non-stop at their high speeds of 10 m/s per day. On average, budgerigars can travel 341 miles (ca. 549 km) per day, including rest, under favorable weather conditions.

How High Can a Budgie Fly?

Budgies are small creatures and are easily affected by environmental factors such as temperature and rain. In addition, budgies have to descend to the earth to meet their water and rest needs.

They usually fly under 1500 feet (ca. 457 m) and as close to the ground as possible.

Are budgies good at flying?

Yes, budgies are quite adept at flying. Besides, budgerigars fly in sync with their flocks. In addition, they can avoid predators with their fast maneuvering abilities while flying.

As you can see in the video below, budgies are very good at escaping predators by flying in flocks and singly.

Budgies are flying in flocks in nature.

At What Age do Budgies Start Flying?

Baby budgies require their wings to grow and mature to fly. For this reason, budgies can only fly when they are 4-5 weeks old.

Why Do Budgies Fly Into Walls?

Budgerigars fly at two different speeds, 5 m/s and 10 m/s. Even if they are flying at low speed, it is a fairly fast flight to travel in a room.

Since healthy budgerigars do not know their flight routes and safe places to land in the house, they often end their flight by crashing into walls.

As a result, the problem can be summarized as that the budgies do not know where to land and fast flying speed.

Budgie owners may try to prevent new budgies from flying into the walls by providing items such as tree and bush-like items in the rooms.

Why Do Budgies Fly Into Windows?

Typically, budgies will start flying to reach the vegetation and flowers they see behind the windows.

Budgies cannot understand whether there is a window or not in their flight path.

As a result, budgies hit the windows, usually at their high speed.

Why Is My Budgie Flying Lower Than Usual?

Budgie may fly lower than usual and can’t fly high due to many reasons. The reasons why budgies fly lower than normal are listed as follows:

  • Lack of flying exercises.
  • Injury.
  • Lack of enough energy to fly high.
  • Molting season.
  • Deficient and irregular nutrition.
  • Baby budgies may not yet have enough muscle strength to fly high.
  • Presence of a predator in the environment. Budgies fly low to avoid predators in nature.
  • New budgies can fly low, often out of fear and because they haven’t gotten used to the environment yet.
  • Budgie may have clipped wings.
  • Lack of energy and hormonal disorders due to the breeding season.

Why Does My Budgie Fly-in Place (Flapping His Wings)?

Budgies flap their wings in their cages due to many reasons. Besides, they look as if they are going crazy when they flap their wings.

The reasons why budgies flap their wings quickly can be listed as follows:

  • Stretching and exercising
  • Ensure blood flow throughout the body
  • Cooling off quickly due to the heat
  • Getting attention
  • Pre-flight exercise

Why Does My Budgie Fly Around Me?

When budgies bond with humans, they fly around their heads and faces to show them their affection.

In addition, budgies prefer to fly around humans that whom they have bonded when they feel unsafe. For example, they may make flying practices around humans to avoid potential threats.

Why Does My Budgie Suddenly Stopped Flying and Have Trouble Flying?

Budgies have trouble flying due to many reasons that come from internal or external.

The reasons why budgies cannot fly properly and fall while flying are listed as follows:

  • Injury
  • Sickness
  • Aging
  • Babyness
  • Depression
  • Sudden paralysis
  • Stroke

Why Does My Budgie Fly Around the Cage?

Budgies fly around the cage day and night due to reasons including being excited, boredom and attracting the attention of the surroundings.

Why Do Budgies Squawk and Chirp While Flying?

Budgies squawk and chirp while flying for many reasons, including communication, impressing the opposite sex, and reporting being in the environment.