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Leslie Berry
Petiska Editor

Can Budgies Get High? [Signs, Avoiding, Getting Stoned]

Budgies have cannabinoid receptors like humans that are responsive to endocannabinoids, plant cannabinoids, and synthetic cannabinoids. As a result of that, budgies can get high like humans.

In addition, budgies may get stoned by a lack of oxygen and excess carbon dioxide due to cigarette smoke and similar gases.

What Are the Sign of Budgies Get High?

Since budgies have cannabinoid receptors just like humans, they have similar side effects of getting high.

In addition, budgerigars have a different respiratory system than humans, designed to allow them to take in oxygen from the environment while breathing and exhaling. As a result of that, insufficient oxygen and full of carbon dioxide in the environment affect budgies more than it affects people.

Constricted Eyes

Constricted eyes are one of the most common physical effects that indicate budgies are high.

An image that shows constricted eyes (pupils) in budgies.
An image that shows constricted eyes (pupils) in budgies.

Lack of Balance

Budgies that got stoned lose their balance. As a result of a lack of balance, they are unable to perch and walk.

One of the most important cautions is that they can’t reach the food and water sources while they are stoned.

Lack of Mobility

Budgies that got stoned usually stay where they are. This situation continues until the substance in their blood that gets them stoned decreases.

Lack of Eating and Drinking

Budgerigars tend to eat less and drink less water when under the influence of substances. A budgie owner should control their eating and drinking conditions in such situations.


Budgies usually tremble slightly and uncontrollably when under the influence of substances. Budgies shiver when they are got stoned, most of the time.

Unusual Sounds

Even if you are used to the various sounds of budgies, you may be surprised how they can produce sudden and unusual sounds while they got stoned.

How to Avoid Budgies Getting High?

Budgies may get stoned by many substances, such as tobacco smoke, etc. In addition, budgie owners can reduce or completely eliminate the effects of smoke that easily reaches the budgies’ lungs.

Smoke Outdoors

Outdoor smoking is the best solution when it comes to eliminating the effects of smoking. In this way, budgie owners can eliminate the problem before it occurs.

Smoke in a Different Room and Close the Door

If you can’t smoke outside the house, smoking in a different room and closing the door is another way to protect your budgie from getting stoned.

Open a Window

Do not forget that when smoking, you need to open the window where you are smoking. It is better to keep the window open for ten minutes after you have finished smoking.

Installing an Air Purifier Close to Your Budgie

Air purifiers help humans and pets breathe a better air environment. In this way, you can improve the air quality of the air that your budgie always inhales.

Air purifiers reduce the effect of smoking on your budgies, and they also eliminate the microscopic pests. So, your budgies may have better health conditions with air purifiers.

What Should You Do if You Find a Budgie High?

If a budgie is stoned, there is no way to remove the situation immediately. Because the substances emitted through smoke have mixed with the blood.

The first thing you should do is open the windows and let fresh air comes into the room where your budgie is located. If there is an air purifier in the room, it will also be useful to activate it.

Why Are Budgies and Birds More Sensitive to Smoking Than Other Animals?

Budgies are more sensitive to smoking than other animals due to their size, fast metabolism, and respiratory system mechanism.

Budgies have small bodies, and they have a fairly fast metabolism. As a result, even a small of smoke can significantly and quickly affect them.

In addition, budgies have different respiratory systems that enable them to consume the oxygen in the environment both while inhaling and exhaling. So, they consume more amount of harmful substances in unit time.

Can You Smoke Around Budgies?

No, you shouldn’t smoke around budgies. The budgerigar has a small body, fast metabolism, and a distinctive respiratory system. All these characteristics make them more susceptible to smoking.

Do Budgies Have Cannabinoid Receptors?

Yes, budgies have cannabinoid receptors just like humans. In cases where the receptors are active, it causes budgies to react similarly to humans.

Do Air Purifiers Prevent Budgies from Getting High?

Air purifiers help budgies get fresher air. However, in general, they cannot quickly clean the smoke that appears suddenly in the environment. Even if they reduce the amount of smoke in the environment, budgies can be harmed. This is because budgies have small bodies that can be easily affected by a small amount of smoke.