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Exhibition (show) budgies [Photos, Lifespan, Breeding, Care]

Exhibition (show) budgies refer to a budgie group specially bred for budgie contests and exhibitions. An exhibition budgie can be any kind of budgies, such as blue, green, opaline, cinnamon, spangle, pied, fallow, lutino, albino, etc.

Exhibition budgies have rare color profiles. The color profiles also combine with mutations. Besides, particular characteristics have quality levels. Often, exhibition budgies compete for uniqueness and quality.

Exhibition (show) budgies
An exhibition budgie photo. A contestant bird from “2021 Show Season.” The owner is Zehetgruber (Source:

An exhibition budgie can be any kind of budgie. But, organizations such as WBO define the standards for exhibition budgie contests. Therefore, an exhibition budgie needs to meet the minimum standards to win the contests.

Of course, exhibition budgerigar breeding is a challenging and long process. On the other hand, breeders have special and secret strategies to achieve breeding particular exhibition budgie.

Most breeding strategies include breeding more than one generation. Because of that, the exhibition budgie breeding process becomes more challenging. Besides, nature often surprises breeders with biological problems and diseases.

Ordinarily, every year, organizations such as WBO make their contests. For example, you can have a look at the 2021 season competitors on this page.

Exhibition budgies vs. normal budgies

Exhibition budgies have far more attractive and rare features than normal budgies. But, even though they have attractive budgies, they have downsides.

The most heartbreaking fact is they are generally sick birds. As a result, they have a shorter lifetime.

Eventually, most of the exhibition budgies die from tumors and cysts.

Exhibition budgiesNormal budgies
Size:21 to 27 cm16-17 cm
Weight:1.6 to 2.2 oz (45.3-65.3g)1.05 oz to 1.41 oz (30-40g)
Lifespan:5-7 years7-15 years
Exhibition budgies vs. normal budgies table

Exhibition budgies types

An exhibition budgie can be any type of budgie, such as blue, green, opaline, cinnamon, spangle, pied, fallow, lutino, albino, lacewing, yellowface, goldenface, clearbody, etc.

But, to be an eligible exhibition budgie, the bird needs to have particular standards.

Why do exhibition budgies die earlier age than normal budgies?

Unfortunately, exhibition budgies are usually sick birds from the moment they are born. They often have diseases such as tumors and cysts. They also have heavier bodies than normal budgies. A heavier body causes a lack of movement and also prevents fly.

As a result, a heavier and sick body makes the lifespan of the exhibition budgies shorter.

What size is an exhibition budgie?

An exhibition budgie’s size is between 8.26 inches (ca. 21 cm) to 10.62 inches (ca. 27 cm).

A normal budgie is approximately half the size of an exhibition budgie.

Exhibition budgie lifespan

An exhibition budgie’s lifespan is between 5-7 years. Exhibition budgies live a shorter life than normal budgies.

Exhibition budgies breeding

Breeding the exhibition budgies is a complex and long process. Besides, there is no single way to breed these budgies.

Although the breeders control the whole process, breeding has always been a chance factor.

Although there is a chance factor, breeders know what the potential results are.

In addition, birds transfer mutations to the next generations with specific rules. Budgie breeders must decide on a particular roadmap when breeding exhibition budgies.

Exhibition budgie care

When it’s come to care, the exhibition budgies need top-level care.

Exhibition budgies have chronic diseases, so the breeder must pay attention even more.

These budgies also have a short lifespan. So, proper top-level caring is the key to breed and keeping healthy throughout their life.

An exhibition budgie also needs top-level seeds and other food varieties. Because the breeders have a short amount of time to raise and get baby exhibition budgies from them.

Exhibition budgies price

Exhibition budgies have the widest price range in the budgie world. You can find an exhibition budgie from $50 to $1000.

The price depends on the health conditions and the rarity of mutations. A healthy budgie may give healthy exhibition baby budgies.

But, most of the time, rare and special exhibition budgies are not for sale. Experienced breeders avoid sharing rare mutations.

📷Exhibition show budgie photos

Exhibition (show) budgies
An exhibition budgie (Best Any Age Opp. Sex) from D Lutolf, Holland (Source:
Exhibition (show) budgies
An exhibition budgie (Best Any Age Opp. Sex) from Ali Boresli, Kuwait (Source:
Exhibition (show) budgies
An exhibition budgie (Best Any Age) from H Fidder, Holland (Source:
Can exhibition budgies see?

Exhibition budgies can see. But, most of them have big head feathers that cover their eyesight.