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What Are The Budgies’ Favorite Fruits, Vegetables, Treats & Foods?

Budgies enjoy a variety of fruits including apples (without seeds), bananas, grapes, and strawberries, among others.

They also love vegetables like broccoli, peas, and carrots.

In terms of treats, millet spray, canary seed, and sunflower seeds are particularly loved.

From a bird enthusiast’s perspective, let me share with you the details of my budgies’ favorite fruits, vegetables, treats, and foods.

As a former budgie owner, I had the chance to observe their eating habits closely.

Their preferences ranged from common fruits and vegetables to specific bird treats, and every budgie had its unique tastes.

I’ll be using my personal experiences to shed light on this topic.

Keep in mind that while all budgies like the foods on this list, some are especially favored.

For instance, just as we humans have our comfort food and guilty pleasures, so do budgies.

Some fruits, veggies, and treats often have a place of prominence in their food list.

Interestingly, even though they enjoy all the foods mentioned in this article, there’s still a clear hierarchy of preference.

Let’s embark on this gastronomic journey into the world of budgies and discover their most beloved foods.

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🍎 What Are The Budgies’ Favorite Fruits?

In the fruit-loving world of budgies, the array of choices is colorful and varied.

These petite parakeets show an enthusiastic zest for a wide range of fruits.

The bright colors, juicy textures, and delightful flavors of various fruits seem to bring a sense of joy and excitement to their day.

When you present a fresh fruit to your budgie, you can almost sense their anticipation.

From the moment they spot the vibrant colors, their eyes sparkle, feathers ruffle, and they hop right into tasting their fruity treats.

Now, let’s embark on this fruity exploration starting with their all-time favorite: apples.

Apples (Without Seeds, As They Can Be Harmful)

One fruit that consistently makes it to the top of their preferred list is the humble apple.

The subtle sweetness and crispness of an apple seem to be very appealing to my little friends.

But it’s not just the taste that they like.

A budgie eating an apple.

Watching them nibble on an apple slice, you can see that they truly enjoy the act of eating it.

The way they hold onto the slice and crunch their way through it is a sight to behold.

However, it’s crucial to remember to remove the seeds before offering apples to your budgie.

Apple seeds contain cyanide, which can be harmful to them.


The next on the list is the soft and sweet banana.

This fruit is a favorite among budgies not just for its flavor, but also for its easy-to-eat texture.

The soft flesh of the banana is easy for them to nibble on and digest, making it a perfect fruit choice for these small birds.

Plus, bananas are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, contributing to their overall health.


When it comes to grapes, the budgies’ excitement is palpable.

The round shape, perfect for their little claws to grasp, and the burst of juice when they bite into a grape, are irresistible to them.

Grapes come in a close third in the budgie’s choice of favorite fruits.

They seem to be fascinated by the slight resistance of the skin before it gives way to the sweet and juicy interior.


The slightly gritty texture of pears seems to be particularly enticing to budgies.

The combination of sweetness and crunch in pears provides an engaging eating experience for them.

It’s almost as if they enjoy the workout that their beaks get from munching on this fruit!


Oranges are another fruit that budgies love.

Their attraction to oranges is perhaps due to the tangy flavor and high water content that provides a refreshing treat.

The vibrant color of oranges might also play a role in enticing these visually-driven birds.


There’s something about strawberries that budgies find irresistibly delightful.

The unique combination of sweetness and acidity seems to tickle their fancy.

They especially seem to enjoy digging their beaks into the soft flesh and reaching into the little crevices to extract the juicy goodness.


Kiwis are a big hit among budgies, primarily for their distinct tart flavor.

Budgies also appear to enjoy the process of working through the slightly tough outer skin to reach the tangy flesh inside.


Budgies also have a special liking for peaches.

This fruit, with its unique blend of sweetness and slight tartness, coupled with a velvety skin and juicy flesh, is always a welcome treat.

Budgies are seen eagerly pecking away at a slice of peach, relishing every bite.


The sweet and juicy plums are an instant favorite among budgies.

The contrast between the tart skin and sweet flesh of the fruit provides a delightful experience for these little creatures.


Last but not least, mangos have a special place in a budgie’s fruit chart.

The sweet, juicy, and slightly fibrous nature of mango flesh seems to provide a fun and enjoyable eating experience for budgies.

They can often be seen eagerly burrowing their faces into a slice of mango, making the most of the tropical treat.

When it comes to feeding fruits to your budgie, always remember to wash the fruits thoroughly and serve them in small, manageable pieces.

This will help ensure that your budgie can enjoy their fruity feast safely.

🥦 What Are The Budgies’ Favorite Vegetables?

Moving away from the sweet delights of the fruit world, we find another category of food that budgies hold dear to their hearts – vegetables.

The diverse array of textures, colors, and tastes in the vegetable kingdom allows budgies to enjoy a varied diet, much like they would in their natural habitats.

A gang of budgies eating a mix of seeds and vegetables.

Watching a budgie eagerly chomp down on a piece of vegetable is as much a treat for us as the vegetable is for them! Now, let’s unearth the preferences of budgies when it comes to their leafy greens and other veggies, beginning with their most adored vegetable: broccoli.


With its tree-like appearance and dense clusters of green florets, broccoli has a unique appeal for budgies.

They seem to find the act of picking through the florets very satisfying, almost like a game.

But the enjoyment doesn’t end with the playfulness.

The slight crunch and the taste of broccoli also make it a delectable treat for these little avians.


Spinach is a big hit with budgies.

Its tender leaves and stems provide a satisfying munch, and the rich, green flavor seems to appeal to their palate.

A leaf of spinach in their cage often ends up being thoroughly nibbled and torn apart.

It’s a sight that makes me smile every time I see it.


The appeal of peas to budgies lies in the delightful combination of the sweet taste and the fun they have opening the pods.

They seem to enjoy the process of breaking open the pod and picking out the peas.

The soft texture of the peas also makes it easy for them to eat and digest.


Budgies have a particular liking for carrots, both for their taste and their crunchy texture.

The vibrant orange color of carrots also adds a visual appeal that budgies seem to enjoy.

When given a small piece of carrot, they usually hold it in their claw and nibble on it with relish.

Sweet Potatoes

Budgies show a strong preference for sweet potatoes as well.

The sweet flavor and soft texture when cooked make them a delightful treat.

Offering cooked, cooled, and mashed sweet potato can be a fun way to add variety to your budgie’s diet.


Kale, with its densely packed leaves and a slightly bitter taste, is a favorite among budgies.

This leafy green not only provides them with a wealth of nutrients but also offers a fun munching experience.

Bell Peppers (All Colors)

When it comes to bell peppers of all colors, budgies are fans.

The crunchy texture and the mild, sweet flavor make bell peppers a tasty treat.

Plus, the vibrant colors – green, yellow, red, and orange – seem to add to the visual appeal for these colorful birds.


Zucchini is another vegetable that budgies enjoy.

The soft texture and subtle flavor make it easy for them to eat.

They particularly enjoy it when it’s chopped into small, beak-friendly pieces.


The high water content and crunchy texture of cucumbers make them a refreshing treat for budgies, especially on warm days.

Budgies seem to enjoy biting into the crisp cucumber slices, hydrating themselves while also getting a tasty snack.


Finally, lettuce holds a special place in the heart of a budgie.

The leafy, crunchy texture, coupled with the mild taste, seems to make lettuce a favorite.

Watching a budgie busily chomping away on a lettuce leaf is a testament to their love for this green veggie.

These vegetables provide not just a varied diet for your budgies but also a whole range of nutrients that contribute to their overall health.

So, offering a mix of these veggies, along with their regular feed, can ensure a balanced diet for your feathered friends.

Just remember to wash all vegetables thoroughly and chop them into small, manageable pieces before serving.

🥨🍚🥡What Are The Budgies’ Favorite Treats & Foods?

Beyond fruits and vegetables, budgies have an assortment of favorite foods and treats that they thoroughly enjoy.

They offer not just nourishment, but also provide essential nutrients, stimulation, and even exercise for our feathered friends.

Below, we delve into some of these favorite budgie foods and treats, beginning with the classic millet spray.

Millet Spray

Millet Spray is the equivalent of candy for budgies.

This spray of small seeds is irresistible to them, and they will happily spend hours picking off and eating the seeds one by one.

Besides being a tasty treat, millet spray also encourages natural foraging behavior and provides entertainment for your budgies.

Budgies eating millet spray.

Canary Seed

Canary Seed is another favorite.

These seeds are typically included in standard budgie seed mixes.

They are small, easily digestible, and budgies seem to enjoy their mild flavor.

Sunflower Seeds (In Moderation Due To High Fat Content)

Sunflower Seeds are like little nuggets of joy for budgies.

They absolutely love them! However, due to their high fat content, they should only be given as an occasional treat.

Overindulgence can lead to obesity and related health issues.

Fresh Fruits Such As Apples (Seedless), Bananas, And Grapes

As I’ve mentioned earlier, budgies love fresh fruits.

They adore the sweetness of apples (seedless), bananas, and grapes, and also enjoy the act of chewing and breaking these fruits down.

Fresh Vegetables Like Broccoli, Peas, Carrots, And Spinach

Fresh vegetables, like broccoli, peas, carrots, and spinach, are another favorite.

They offer a different set of nutrients compared to fruits and seeds and add variety to the budgies’ diet.

Peanuts (Unsalted And Not Raw)

Peanuts (unsalted and not raw) make for a great treat.

Budgies love their nutty flavor and the crunch they provide.

Remember to only offer peanuts sparingly due to their high fat content.

Cooked Pasta Or Rice (Plain, No Sauces Or Seasoning)

Cooked pasta or rice (plain, no sauces or seasoning) is also on the list of budgies’ favorite foods.

These foods provide them with carbohydrates and are a source of energy.

Boiled Eggs (Including The Shells For Extra Calcium)

Boiled Eggs, including the shells, are a great source of protein and calcium for budgies.

Eggshells are an excellent calcium supplement, and the soft, boiled egg itself is easy for them to eat.

Egg Food

Egg Food, a commercially prepared mix, is designed specifically for birds and is packed with necessary vitamins and minerals.

It’s often used during the breeding season or for sick birds, but it also makes a good occasional treat.

Sprouted Seeds

Sprouted Seeds are another excellent source of nutrients.

They’re packed with vitamins and are easier to digest than dry seeds.

Budgies particularly enjoy the soft texture and fresh taste of sprouted seeds.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds are another favored treat.

These seeds are larger and have a more distinct flavor compared to smaller seeds, and budgies seem to enjoy the challenge of breaking them open.

Pellets (Specially Designed For Budgies)

Pellets are specially designed for budgies, providing a balanced diet in every bite.

They may take some time to get used to, but most budgies come to enjoy them.

Birdie Biscuits Or Crackers (Available At Pet Stores)

Birdie Biscuits or Crackers are commercial treats available at pet stores.

They’re often made with seeds and grains and are a crunchy treat that budgies enjoy.

Nutriberries Or Avi-Cakes

Nutriberries or Avi-Cakes are commercial treats that combine fruits, seeds, and grains.

They’re formed into shapes that encourage foraging behavior and are a favorite among many budgies.

Popcorn (Unsalted And Unbuttered)

Popcorn (unsalted and unbuttered) can be a fun, crunchy treat.

The popcorn must be air-popped without any additives.

The surprise of the popping kernel and the final product seems to be quite entertaining for budgies.

Dried Fruits (In Small Amounts Due To High Sugar Content)

Lastly, Dried Fruits can be a sweet treat for budgies.

However, because dried fruits have a high sugar content, they should be given in small amounts.

Each of these foods and treats brings something unique to the table, not just in terms of taste but also texture and nutrition.

Variety is crucial in a budgie’s diet, so don’t be afraid to mix things up and offer different foods from this list.

Always remember that while treats are fun and can offer additional nutrition, they should not replace a balanced daily diet.

What Are The Budgies’ Favorite Foods In The Wild?

In the wild, budgies inhabit a vastly different diet than their domestic counterparts, largely due to the harsh, arid environments they’re native to in Australia.

It’s fascinating to consider the dietary adaptations these small parakeets have made to survive in such extreme conditions.

Here’s a look at some of the foods wild budgies consume regularly.

Various Grass Seeds (E.G., Spinifex, Mitchell Grass, Canary Grass)

Various grass seeds, including spinifex, Mitchell grass, and canary grass, make up the bulk of a wild budgie’s diet.

These seeds are abundant in the Australian outback and are a reliable source of food.

They provide the budgies with essential carbohydrates and fats.

Here in the video, you can see how budgies looking for food in the wild.

Eucalyptus Seeds

Eucalyptus seeds are another favorite of wild budgies.

These seeds, smaller and harder than grass seeds, provide a different nutrient profile and help diversify the budgie’s diet.

Consuming different types of seeds allows the budgie to get a broader range of nutrients.

Native Australian Bush Berries

Native Australian bush berries are also a part of a wild budgie’s diet.

These berries offer a sweet change from their usual seed-based diet, providing vitamins and antioxidants.

However, the availability of these berries depends on the season and the specific region within Australia.

Insects And Larvae (Especially During Breeding Season)

During the breeding season, wild budgies include insects and larvae in their diet.

These provide an excellent source of protein, which is essential for egg production and the growth of their chicks.

The high protein content in insects and larvae makes them a crucial dietary component during this period.

Green Shoots And Leaf Buds

Budgies also consume green shoots and leaf buds, especially when they are fresh and young.

These plant parts offer a different set of nutrients compared to seeds, adding diversity to the budgie’s diet and providing necessary vitamins and minerals.

Occasionally, Fruits (If Available In Their Environment)

Fruits, when available, are enjoyed by wild budgies.

They’re not a primary food source due to their infrequent availability in the budgies’ arid environment, but when found, they provide a sweet treat and a good source of hydration and vitamins.

In the wild, the budgie’s diet is adaptive and varies based on what’s available.

It’s a mix of seeds, berries, insects, and greenery that changes with the seasons and the budgie’s specific needs, such as breeding.

Understanding the diet of wild budgies can provide insights into the nutritional needs of our domesticated friends, helping us provide a more balanced and natural diet for them.


What are Some Signs That My Budgie Likes a Particular Food?

Budgies are expressive birds and will show their liking towards certain foods.

They will actively peck and consume their favorite foods.

You might also notice them making content, happy sounds.

However, every budgie is an individual and preferences can vary widely.