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2023 Budgie Prices & Annual Cost Of A Budgie Calculation [UPDATED]

As the year rolls on, let’s take a moment to ponder the current costs of owning one of these bright and chirpy birds in different regions.

Our friend, the budgie, doesn’t cost the same everywhere; varying factors like location, availability, and even the local market conditions can greatly affect the price.

I’ve found that the prices can swing quite drastically between the US, the UK, Eurozone, and India.

In the table below, you will find an approximate cost for a budgie in each of these regions, data gathered from my years of experience and recent market (such as local stores, Petco and PetSmart) research.

2023 Budgie Prices In The US, UK, Eurozone And India

Budgie VariationPrice Range (USD)Price Range (GBP)Price Range (EUR)Price Range (INR)
Common Budgie$10 – $30£8.12 – £24.35€9.20 – €27.61₹327 – ₹982
English Budgie$50 – $150£40.58 – £121.74€46.02 – €138.07₹1,638 – ₹4,857
Australian Budgie$10 – $30£8.12 – £24.35€9.20 – €27.61₹327 – ₹982
Spangle Budgie$20 – $60£16.23 – £48.70€18.40 – €55.19₹655 – ₹1,967
Albino Budgie$30 – $80£24.35 – £64.92€27.61 – €73.49₹982 – ₹2,934
Lutino Budgie$20 – $50£16.23 – £40.58€18.40 – €46.02₹655 – ₹1,967
Pied Budgie$25 – $70£20.29 – £56.81€22.99 – €64.18₹819 – ₹2,457
Cinnamon Budgie$20 – $50£16.23 – £40.58€18.40 – €46.02₹655 – ₹1,967
Clearwing Budgie$30 – $70£24.35 – £56.81€27.61 – €64.18₹982 – ₹2,934
Greywing Budgie$25 – $60£20.29 – £48.70€22.99 – €55.19₹819 – ₹2,457
Recessive Pied Budgie$30 – $80£24.35 – £64.92€27.61 – €73.49₹982 – ₹2,934
Dominant Pied Budgie$30 – $80£24.35 – £64.92€27.61 – €73.49₹982 – ₹2,934
Spanglewing Budgie$40 – $90£32.46 – £72.65€36.79 – €82.78₹1,310 – ₹3,901
Yellowface Budgie$20 – $60£16.23 – £48.70€18.40 – €55.19₹655 – ₹1,967
Texas Clearbody Budgie$40 – $100£32.46 – £81.15€36.79 – €91.98₹1,310 – ₹3,901
Opaline Budgie$30 – $80£24.35 – £64.92€27.61 – €73.49₹982 – ₹2,934
Ino Budgie$30 – $80£24.35 – £64.92€27.61 – €73.49₹982 – ₹2,934
Dark-eyed Clear Budgie$40 – $100£32.46 – £81.15€36.79 – €91.98₹1,310 – ₹3,901
Lacewing Budgie$40 – $100£32.46 – £81.15€36.79 – €91.98₹1,310 – ₹3,901
Fallows Budgie$50 – $120£40.58 – £97.30€46.02 – €110.88₹1,638 – ₹4,857
Dilute Budgie$25 – $60£20.29 – £48.70€22.99 – €55.19₹819 – ₹2,457
Grey Budgie$20 – $50£16.23 – £40.58€18.40 – €46.02₹655 – ₹1,967
Mauve Budgie$20 – $50£16.23 – £40.58€18.40 – €46.02₹655 – ₹1,967
Skyblue Budgie$20 – $50£16.23 – £40.58€18.40 – €46.02₹655 – ₹1,967
Cobalt Budgie$20 – $50£16.23 – £40.58€18.40 – €46.02₹655 – ₹1,967
Violet Budgie$30 – $70£24.35 – £56.81€27.61 – €64.18₹982 – ₹2,934
Olive Budgie$30 – $70£24.35 – £56.81€27.61 – €64.18₹982 – ₹2,934
Goldenface Budgie$30 – $70£24.35 – £56.81€27.61 – €64.18₹982 – ₹2,934
Rainbow Budgie$50 – $150£40.58 – £121.74€46.02 – €138.07₹1,638 – ₹4,857
Crested Budgie$40 – $100£32.46 – £81.15€36.79 – €91.98₹1,310 – ₹3,901
Budgie Prices Table For 2023 In The US, UK, Eurozone And India

The table above provides an overview of different species and color mutations of budgies, along with their corresponding price ranges in various currencies.

The table includes prices in US dollars (USD), British pounds (GBP), euros (EUR), and Indian rupees (INR), offering a comprehensive guide for bird enthusiasts and pet owners to understand the approximate costs associated with acquiring these beautiful avian companions.

Please note that prices may vary based on factors such as location, availability, demand, and individual quality, so it’s always advisable to check with local sellers for the most accurate pricing information.

Annual Expense Breakdown: What Are The Annual Estimated Food And Supply Costs For A Budgie?

This part of our journey will take us through the labyrinth of yearly expenses.

These costs aren’t as simple as the one-time purchase price of our budgie companion; they’re an ongoing commitment we make when we decide to bring a budgie into our lives.

Here is the table of average price amounts and annual total costs of individual budgerigar ownership expenses, which will be discussed in more detail later.

ItemEstimated Cost
Budgie (One-time Purchase)$50
Cage$50 – $100
Budgie Food$150 – $200
Toys And Enrichment$50 – $75
Bedding (Paper, Wood Shavings)$10 – $25
Cage Accessories (Nest Boxes, Ladders)$25 – $50
Veterinary Care (Nail Clippers, Beak Conditioner)$10 – $20
Annual Estimated Medical Costs For A Budgie$50 – $100
Budgie Vet Checkup$50 – $100
Miscellaneous Expenses (Cleaning Supplies, Bird Bath, UV Light, Insurance, Etc.)$75 – $150
Total (First Year)$530 – $795
Total (Subsequent Years)$480 – $745
Table Of The Average Cost Of Owning A Budgie For 2023.

Cage: An Abode Worth the Investment

Our little friend’s home, a safe, comfortable, and sizable cage is an initial investment, but remember, a good quality cage, which might cost between $50 and $100, can last for the entirety of our budgie’s life.

Budgie Food: Nutritious Fuel for a Healthy Life

We humans aren’t the only ones who need nourishment to thrive.

Our avian friend’s diet, rich in quality seeds, fruits, vegetables, and the occasional treat, is imperative for their health and happiness.

Expect to spend around $150 to $200 annually for this necessity.

Toys: An Essential for a Budgie’s Playtime

Budgies are intelligent, playful creatures, and mental stimulation is crucial to their well-being.

Toys, which may cost between $50 and $75 a year, help satisfy this need.

Bedding (Paper, Wood Shavings): The Cornerstone of a Comfortable Home

Bedding material, such as paper or wood shavings, provides a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for your budgie.

Depending on your choice of bedding, anticipate spending around $10 to $25 a year.

Cage Accessories (Nest Boxes, Ladders): Adding Fun to Their Home

Cage accessories like nest boxes and ladders, costing between $25 and $50, introduce elements of fun and comfort, turning a simple cage into a stimulating home for your budgie.

Veterinary Care (Nail Clippers, Beak Conditioner): A Small Price for Health and Wellness

Ensuring the health and wellness of our feathered friends includes annual expenditures on items like nail clippers and beak conditioner.

This necessary care can cost between $10 and $20 a year.

The Annual Checkup: Catching Health Issues Early

Regular vet checkups are critical for early detection and treatment of any health issues.

Depending on the location and specific services rendered during the checkup, the costs can range between $50 and $100.

Miscellaneous Expenses: The Extras That Make a Difference

Owning a budgie involves several additional costs.

Cleaning supplies, a bird bath, a UV light for maintaining their circadian rhythm, and even pet insurance fall under this category, with expenses potentially ranging from $75 to $150 annually.

These might seem like extras, but they contribute significantly to the well-being and comfort of your pet budgie.

Questions & Answers About Budgie Prices And Cost Of A Budgie

This section seeks to address frequently asked questions regarding the cost of owning a budgie.

Which Mutations And Species Are Expensive In Budgies?

The price of a budgie can indeed vary based on its mutation or species.

Certain types of budgies are rarer and therefore tend to be more expensive.

Is There A Price Difference Between Male And Female Budgies?

Contrary to some beliefs, the sex of a budgie typically doesn’t have a significant impact on its price.

But of course, market conditions and local factors might lead to minor variations.

Are Budgies Considered Cheap?

Compared to other pet birds, budgies are usually considered an affordable option.

However, “cheap” is a relative term, and the ongoing costs of care should be taken into account.

Is It Better To Have Two Budgies?

While it’s not a financial question per se, it’s worth noting that budgies are social creatures.

Having two can be beneficial for their mental well-being, but it will also mean additional costs.

How Much Does A Budgie Cost At Petco, PetSmart In 2023?

The prices of budgies at popular pet supply stores like Petco and PetSmart can fluctuate based on factors such as location, age, and even the time of year.

Always remember to research the most current prices when planning to buy from these stores. The price of the last budgie seen in Petco and PetSmart in 2023 is around $50 minimum.

Show Budgies And Rare Budgies Cost

Show budgies are often priced high as they often have rare mutations and special varieties.

They can have prices ranging from $100 to $5,000.

Rare budgies, on the other hand, can still find buyers from $100 to $10,000.

This price is usually directly proportional to the rarity of the mutation the budgie has.

Extremely rare budgies, such as anthracite budgies, are sometimes not even for sale.

A rare budgie can be both a small-sized budgie and a large-sized budgie.

What Does The Price Of A Budgie Depend On?

Budgie prices vary according to the mutations they have, the mutations they have at the same time, and the rarity of the mutations they have.

Some budgies such as albino budgies, although not rare, are highly sought after by people, so their prices can be high.

In addition, budgerigars that have multiple mutations at the same time, such as rainbow budgies, have become popular in recent years.

These budgies have price tags that vary depending on whether they are rare or not in each country.

As for show budgies in particular, these budgies are priced in a very large price range.

Show budgies often have rare mutations. In addition, they are desired to be used in breeding budgies. This is why show budgies typically have high price tags.

Budgie Buying And Caring Price Compared To Other Pet Birds

The overall costs of domestic birds vary according to their size.

While budgies fall under the category of small-sized birds, there are also medium and large bird categories.

Small-sized birds may need monthly care costs of $20 to $75, medium-sized birds $40 to $100, and large-sized birds between $75 and $150.

Bird speciesBird Itself CostCaring Cost
African Greys$500-$2500$75-$150
Budgie Buying and Caring Price Comparison Table 2023

What Is The Best Age To Buy A Budgie?

If you want to buy a budgie and want to establish a good bond with it, you should definitely buy a baby budgie.

Besides, baby budgies will grow up with you and will see you as their best friend.

Why Are Budgies Cheaper Than Other Birds?

Since budgies are quite small in size and have a very high breeding rate, their prices are quite cheap compared to other medium and large domesticated birds.

If you have a healthy male and a female budgie, even you can have budgie chicks in a short time.