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Leslie Berry
Petiska Editor

What Supplies Do I Need for a Pet Budgie? [Supplies List Inside]

The types of supplies you can buy for your budgie are very diverse. Besides, some types of supplies are essential and some are not.

Keep in mind, that even though it is not required, purchasing supplies such as toys and treats with your budgie will help you ensure a better ownership experience.

Here is the complete list of supplies you can buy for your budgie:

  • Cage
  • Food and Seed
  • Food Containers, Dispensers, Bowls
  • Water Containers, Dispensers
  • Treats
  • Perches
  • Toys, Ladders, and Mirrors
  • Cuttlefish Bones, Oyster Shell Grits, Mineral Blocks, Iodine Blocks
  • Budgie Baths
  • Cage Liners
  • Cleaning Products
  • First Aid Products
  • A Safe Hiding Place


Cages are among the materials you must buy together when purchasing your budgie. You cannot keep your budgie at home without a cage.

The most important feature of budgie cages is that it is a home where your budgie feels safe. Besides, another critical feature is that it houses food and water containers, toys, perches, breeding boxes, and similar materials in one place. So, your budgie can consume and use these items whenever she wants.

A budgerigar needs at least food, water, and perches to survive in its cage. In addition, there are products such as cuttlefish bones and mineral blocks, which may become a necessity over time.

Your Budgie Needs Two Cages

You and your budgie may need 2 budgie cages, which will be very useful in some situations.

A second budgie cage will come in handy when you want to clean your budgie’s cage.

In addition, a second budgie cage allows you to cage and put them separately when you buy a new budgie or when your budgies start fighting.

Budgie Food and Seed

Budgie foods such as seeds and pellets are among the things you should buy together with your budgie.

Your budgie will constantly consume seeds and pellets, and you will need to purchase and replace them with fresh ones.

In addition, you should not stock up on budgie food more than your budgie can eat in a short time. A large amount of food will wait for a long time, so they may not be able to maintain the freshness of the first day.

Food Containers, Dispensers, Bowls

Food containers, dispensers, and bowls are among the products that you should buy with your budgie and budgie cage. It will also help you to offer your budgie seeds, pellets, and similar solid foods easily and in a planned way.

At first, you just need to buy one of them, or you can buy 2 or 3 to serve multiple different kinds of food.

Water Containers, Dispensers, Feeders

Budgie pet bird water containers, dispensers, and feeders are one of the important equipment you need to buy while buying your budgie.

Since budgies have a small body, if they start to lose water from their bodies for any reason, this will affect them greatly. Therefore, it is very critical to have water containers that will not dehydrate her.

Additionally, many budgie owners keep at least 2 water bowls for their budgies. One of the water containers contains plain and clean water. In the other water cabinet, there is water in which nutritional supplements such as vitamins and minerals have been added for various reasons.


The treats you can give to your budgie are quite diverse. It is sold in packaged treats such as seed sticks, fruit sticks, and honey sticks, as well as natural treats such as bananas, strawberries, and apples that you can give to your budgie.

Specially prepared and packaged treats are not mandatory. But sometimes they can be useful to calm the stressed budgie.


Budgerigars are extremely active creatures. As they like to constantly move around, places on which they can perch become necessary. For this, at least one or two perches should be kept in a cage.

Ladders and mirrors also provide budgies with a place to perch. In addition, they help them to do different physical activities and to be happier.

Toys, Ladders, and Mirrors

Budgie toys such as hammocks, chewing toys, hanging bells, mirrors, and ladders are there to make your budgie happy. They are not required, but products that help both budgies’ happiness and budgie owners to have a good budgie ownership experience.

Toys like hammocks and ladders provide budgies with new places to perch. Instead of buying extra perches, you can buy toys that provide a place for your budgie to perch.

In addition, budgies look for things to destroy and gnaw. Toys are very useful for these actions of budgies.

Cuttlefish Bones, Oyster Shell Grits, Mineral Blocks, Iodine Blocks

Cuttlefish bones, oyster shell grits, mineral blocks, and iodine blocks provide calcium for your budgies. Calcium is important for budgie eggs and body functions.

Besides, for example, cuttlefish bones, grits, and other blocks help budgies keep their beaks short and sharp.

In addition to providing calcium, it may contain different substances besides calcium. For example, iodine blocks provide the iodine needed to prevent iodine deficiency.

Budgie Baths

Budgie bathing products for budgies are not among the essentials. You can easily give your budgie a bath experience in your own home.

If you buy a budgie bath product, you can give your budgie the same quality bath experience whenever she wants without leaving the cage.

Budgie baths benefit your budgie both physically and mentally. In addition, in cases of illness, it is tried to be treated by putting substances such as turmeric in the water they bathe in.

Cage Liners

Cage liners are the material group placed at the bottom of budgerigar cages. You can buy ready-made cage liner products such as sand sheets, or you can find materials that you can use as a cage liner at home.

You can put papers, wood shavings, loose sand, and newspapers on the bottom of the cages.

Cleaning Products

You may need some cleaning equipment to clean and sterilize your budgie’s cage, perches, toys, and similar items. Regardless, use pet-safe detergents and cleaning equipment when cleaning items that your budgie touch.

First Aid Products

First aid products are products for precautionary purposes that may contain first aid materials such as antiseptic towelettes, bottle styptic powder, and a pair of latex gloves. It’s good to have a first aid kit at home for your budgie.

A Safe Hiding Place

Budgies are constantly on the alert for the dangers around, as they are frequently hunted by other creatures in the nature.

For example, although she feels safe in the house, a bird larger than herself can scare her from the window. In such cases, your budgie may feel very insecure if there is no place to hide in the cage. In such cases, even if you only have one budgie, if you buy a breeding box, you will also prepare the place where your budgie will hide in case of an emergency.

What Are the Essential Supplies for a Pet Budgie?

In some cases, animal lovers may not want to spend a lot of money on products that are not essential when they want to adopt a new budgie. In such cases, they also want to know what products are needed to own a budgie.

Here is a list of the lowest overall cost and essential supplies for budgies:

  • Food
  • Cage
  • Perches
  • Food and water containers
  • At least one of the cuttlefish bones, oyster shell grits, mineral blocks, and iodine blocks.